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Training & Education

Training Frontline Workers

We offer a 4 day/28 hour course that covers all of the below areas.  Trainings and workshops can also be tailored around the following topical areas to meet the needs of your organization or initiative. We will work with your organization to integrate core competencies to make individual workers and professionals more impactful, organizational teams more cohesive and person-centered, and supervisors more able to empower their staff and those they serve towards better outcomes.


  • Communication and Listening

  • Social Determinants of Health, Education and Well-Being

  • History and Role of Community Workers

  • Privilege and Power (Cultural Competency) 

  • Strength-Based Approach to Care (including Trauma-Informed Care)

  • Ethics of Care

  • Supporting Positive Behavior Change (including Restorative Practices)

  • Empowerment Education

  • Safety and Self-Care (including Mindfulness)

  • Community History

  • Asset-Based Community Development

  • Research, Policy and Advocacy

  • Cultivating Connection, Networking, and Teambuilding

All of our trainings are researched based, please see our Research & Publications page for more information.

Please contact Jessica Bauer Walker, lead trainer, at for more information, or to request a fee schedule or quote related to training and technical assistance.


Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Project design and quality improvement methods to help organizations and institutions develop community-based engagement strategies that promote positive outcomes in the hardest to reach and most at-risk populations.
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