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Revised District Wellness Policy PASSED!

Dear School Health Champions:

We are pleased and proud to announce that the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education passed a revised District Wellness Policy on Tuesday night!

This is the fruition of lots of hard work the past 6 months by District and school building leaders, parents, students, and community partners to assess, refine, and expand our initial Wellness Policy passed in 2012. And it also reflects 5 YEARS of advocating, educating, and working since that first Wellness Policy…getting recess back into elementary schools, moving into compliance with state standards on physical education, putting programs in place to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables in our schools, addressing sexual health with a condom availability program and expanded health education, more effectively managing mental health of students through trauma-informed and restorative practices, expanding healthcare and dental services, and SO much more.

We are deeply appreciative of everyone who has helped us to make these incredible gains. Everyone on this list has played a part, in big ways and in small, to be part of a collective vision for a Whole School, Whole Community, WHOLE CHILD approach.


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