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CHWNB 2-Day Event with National Speaker Noelle Wiggins, EdD, MSPH

Wed, July 8th

12:30-2pm: Students/academics lunch session with Noelle @ Canisius. This will introduce students to the ideas of community building, CHW's, community-based participatory research, etc. and give academics some insight from a national expert on social determinants of health/public health, and the idea of patient/community engagement.

5-7 PM: CHW Board, trainers, CHW leaders, academic advisory POPULAR EDUCATION WORKSHOP @ Canisius. This will be a work session for our CHWNB leaders and key allies that really helps us delve deeper into our work as popular educators, learn some new tools and ideas from Noelle, and think about our movement building going forward

Thurs, July 9


12pm-1:30pm: Key sakeholders lunch

5:30 pm-7pm: CHW C3 session @ Canisius Noelle will present the revised/CHW Common Core (C3)/CHW scope of practice/core competencies- although this is focused on obtaining CHW feedback, it may be helpful for others to attend as an FYI, especially academics involved in curriculum/certificate program).

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