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Public Hearing on 12/10 for the New York Health Bill

State wide hearings on the need for a single payer, publicly funded health care system are being held in Buffalo on Dec. 10th at 10am at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Hohn Auditorium- Elm and Carlton Streets)- we will also be hosting a rally and press conference at 9:30am. The profile of "New York Health" bill A.5389-A/S.2078-A is rising, due to efforts of activists around the state LIKE US!

Testimony and personal stories from YOU regarding the dysfunction and injustice of the current system, and how our community is suffering from the administrative burden of the current health insurance system, will help convince decision makers that ALL New Yorkers should have quality, affordable health insurance. Please add your name to the list to testify at this important event for our community. Please also drop us a line ( to let us know if you plan to testify, as we coordinate speakers and media for December 10th.

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