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Dr. Andy Coates and "Is Healthcare SICK?" Community Forum

The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo, along with several of our community partners, hosted a successful community forum at Canisius College withDr. Andy Coates, President of Physicians for a National Health Program headlining, exploring why the United States spends twice as much as any other country on health care, with outcomes that consistently rank 30th or worse on the World Health Organization index for health improvement.


Support for “single payer” healthcare is growing in New York State, and NYS Assembly hearings will be held across the state, including Buffalo, next month in regard to “New York Health”, a universal single payer health coverage bill, which would provide comprehensive, universal health coverage for every New Yorker. Sam Magavern, Co-Director of Partnership for the Public Good, Dr. Kathleen Grimm of ECMC’s Palliative Care department, and Deirdre Wright, a Community Health Worker at Jericho Road Community Health Center also provided insight into the need for a new healthcare system. Hearings on a NY "single payer" bill will be held in Buffalo onNovember 12th. Stay posted for more information!

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