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Core Competencies Training for YOUTH AND YOUTH ADVOCATE Community Health Workers

With support from the John R. Oishei Foundation, the CHWNB has been developing a collaboration with Ujima Theater Company (arts and culture) and the District Parenting Coordinating Council (education) to explore how small organizations from different sectors can work together to be stronger internally as well as have increased community impact. Over the summer, this partnership created a Youth/Youth Advocate Core Competency Training for Community Health Workers. Adults and young leaders from various organizations and program across the city in various sectors came together to learn, laugh, and plan to create positive change together!

Our partner organizations included:

The Buffalo Public Schools, Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition, Erie 1 BOCES/Leaving our Legacy, PUSH Grant Street Neighborhood Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Family Help Center, Peace of the City, #Vent Zine, University at Buffalo School of Social Work and Liberty Partnership Program.



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