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Family Night at International School 45

Our Executive Director, Jessica Bauer Walker, did a presentation on asset based community development to parents and students at International School 45 tonight.


There was a great turn out and wonderful participation from both students and parents. Everyone learned about the importance of using their assets to help their school or community and what different assets they could provide.

So what can you do with your head (what are you knowledgeable about), your heart (what are you passionate about and love) and your hands (what are you good at doing)? Think about what assets YOU have and how YOU can help your school or community! There are always ways people can work together by using everyone’s assets to make the changes they want to see.


The Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo offers training on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). If you think your group or organization could benefit from learning about ABCD please contact us at for more information.


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