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Buffalo Students Demand Salad Bars on Cafeterias

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Before Wednesday night’s school board meeting, Buffalo students were out front of City Hall, serving up salads.

The salads were served by students and parents to show that they want to add more healthy and fresh foods to school lunches, including salad bars in cafeterias.

Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo Director Jessica Bauer Walker said, “We really want to see more fresh, healthy, appealing fruits and vegetables. The student themselves have made a call for action. They have salad bars in a couple of the schools, and they want to see salad bars in all of the schools. They’re really working on it themselves with the support of parents and communities to improve the school food.”

The rally was spearheaded by the Youth Advisors Council of Healthy Kids. Student leaders for that group will also speak at Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Wednesday’s rally was the kickoff to a year-long effort to add healthier options.



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