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Buffalo City Schools Physical Education Requirements Not Met, Parents Take Legal Action

“With all the problems we have, and some are very difficult and complex, providing kids gym class, giving them health education so they can make healthy choices; these are really easy, quick fixes.”- CHWNB Executive Director and District Parent Coordinating Council Health Chairperson Jessica Bauer Walker.

The Buffalo School District admitting students don’t receive the state mandated 120 minutes of physical education each week.

Today the District Parent Coordinating Council filed a formal legal appeal with the State Education Department and will forward the petition to Commissioner, John King.

Parents are concerned for the health of students and want change to take place.

The district offering the following statement in regards to the complaint:

“We are taking the complaint very seriously. Our school board has a new Health and Wellness policy that emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and regular physical activity, so we have increased student access to both this school year. We are continuing to review this matter to ensure our District’s compliance with Physical Education regulations and policies.”

Parents we talked to say physical and health education is important to better a child’s learning and that the district needs to meet the state requirements.

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