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History and Values


The CHWNB formed in 2010 through the efforts of a group of advocates in health care, public health, academia, and community based organizations looking to foster “bottom up” strategies to improve community health in Buffalo and beyond.  The CHWNB developed as frontline workers of and from the communities they serve (Community Health Workers) and stakeholders came together in the areas of health care, public health, housing, education, environment, food access, and social services; with the intent to empower community members to define their own challenges and opportunities and take action to self-determine their future.


The CHWNB’s mission is to provide education, networking, and support to ensure ALL people and communities have the resources and power they need to realize their full potential for health and well-being, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity. 


Our vision is one where health is a human right, and all people and communities have access to secure, safe and affordable housing; fresh and local foods; quality education and healthcare; employment opportunities; a place to recreate and exercise; and public safety. 

Core Values


  • Community Power

We rely on the expertise and wisdom of those of and from the community, and seek to build effective, trusting, respectful relationships with community members. CHWs and their partners work to give voice to those who have traditionally been marginalized or oppressed, and support the community to develop the capacity to design and implement its own ideas and activities.


  • Individual Autonomy and Respect

We have regard for the whole person and their circumstances, and meet people where they are without judgment. We believe every person is unique and has something to contribute; and we operate through a strengths-based lens.


  • Collaboration and Connection

We strive to help build open, effective relationships within and between community residents, organizations, and systems. We are focused on finding opportunities to work across a spectrum of sectors and issues that impact people where they live, work, play, go to school, work and recreate.


  • Excellence and Results

We develop, implement, and evaluate our training, education, and project-based work to promote consistency, stability, and sustainability. We also recognize that there is intrinsic and measurable value in our stories, relationships, and sense of self, family, and community.

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