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Meet Our Training Team

Meet The Team

Jessica Bauer Walker, B.A., CHW

Areas of Expertise: Public health, education and schools, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, community building/asset-based community development, grant-writing

Dayatra Hassan, M.S., CHW

Renee Cadzow, Ph.D., CHW

Areas of Expertise: Anthropology, health services, evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research methods, maternal and child health, public health advocacy, school wellness, physical activity, and nutrition

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Grace Tate, CHW

    Areas of Expertise: Human resources, community development, diabetes, HIV/AIDS

    Michael Chase, B.S., CHW

      Areas of expertise: Public health education, HIV/STD education, adolescent sexual health education, sexually transmitted disease intervention specialist, HIV partner services counselor, domestic violence advocate/education, and conference/event planning.

      Sherman D. Webb-Middlebrooks, B.A., CHW

        Areas of Expertise: Youth engagement, immigrant/refugee health, food and nutrition.

        Orlando Dickson, J.D., CHW

          Erin Verhoef, M.L.S.

              Khadijah Hussein, CHW

              Areas of Expertise: Youth engagement, immigrant/refugee health, food and nutrition.

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              Board of Directors

              Renee Cadzow, PhD: Board Co-Chair

              D'Youville College

              Deirdre Wright, CHW: Board Co-Chair

              Jericho Road Community Health Center

              Michael Chase, B.S., CHW

              Erie County Department of Health

              Roberto O. Diaz Del Carpio, MD, MPH

              Department of Medicine, University Buffalo

              Mark King

              AXA Advisors

              Tasha Moore, BSW, CHW

              Matt Urban Hope Center

              Grace Tate, CHW

              Buffalo Urban League

              Assunta Ventresca, RN, CHW

              Buffalo Public Schools Health Related Services (retired)

              Sherman D. Webb-Middlebrooks, BA, CHW

              WIN Initiative

              Ex-officio/Executive Director- Jessica Bauer Walker, BA, CHW

              Ex-officio/Legal Counsel- Diane Tiveron, JD, HoganWillig Attorneys at Law

              The following individuals no longer serve as active trainers for our team, but we acknowledge their contributions to the development of our curriculum and training approach:


              Rahwa Ghirmatizion, CHW

              Kathleen Grimm, MD, FAAP, FACP, MHSC

              Samuel Radford III, B.A., CHW

              Deborah Puntenney, PhD

              Denise Walden, CHW